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Boxxer RC Federgabel 29" 200 mm schwarz

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RockShox Boxxer RC Federgabel 29" 200 mm schwarz

Here comes the new BoXXer, designed for the next generation of downhill champions. Completely new and designed for large wheels, the latest BoXXer generation has an immersion tube unit and motocross-inspired triple clamps for optimal positioning. The new DH-specific DebonAir air spring combines the best characteristics of steel and air springs: Low breakaway torque, stronger mid-stroke, linear feel and adjustable progression. And the new Charger RC damping with its first-class performance and easy maintenance makes Charger available for even more riders.


It's okay to be soft.

DebonAir is not ashamed to give in under the slightest pressure. In fact, it makes the Monarch and the Monarch Plus damper more sensitive than ever before. The connection between your bike and the terrain is seamless. Suspension forks equipped with DebonAir technology absorb every little blow without leaving a rough feeling on your body. A shock so soft, you can push a lot harder.

More linear spring characteristic

Lower force levels to move the damper into the spring travel 1.

1/3 of the suspension movement is what the rider reacts most sensitively to.

More traction and control

Hit after hit is absorbed

Better traction - the rear wheel stays on the ground and reacts to small bumps.

Maxle Stealth

Who would have thought that RockShox could make a thru axle disappear?

The new Maxle Stealth offers a lightweight, flush, alternative to the Maxle Lite and Maxle Ultimate.

Charger 2 Damper

The evolution of the highly acclaimed Charger damper - the most advanced RockShox technology yet - takes its performance and sophistication to a whole new level.

The new damping design allows more extensive adjustment of the low-speed compression stage in open mode and a more effective means of pedalling.

Bottomless Tokens

By using the optionally available tokens (volume spacers), the air volume of the fork can be reduced and thus the spring characteristics can be influenced.

The result is a smoother response with a higher end progression.

Rapid Recovery

Who doesn't want more available wheel travel for successive hits?

Thanks to the Rapid Recovery System, the damper returns to its original position more quickly after successive strokes, allowing the wheel to grip the ground more precisely. This more active damping system won’t fail and provides a ride with higher and softer spring hardness. With Rapid Recovery, the rider benefits from greater suspension travel for a smoother and more controlled ride on every hit.


Boost is a new bike wheel and drive-unit specification that offers an improved frame geometry with shorter chainstays, wider and stiffer suspension, a greater number of chainring options, more room for broader wheels and increased wheel strength.

Damping markings

If you don’t adjust your damping correctly, you may as well be riding someone elses bike.

But why waste plastic clips or rulers to adjust the suspension again and again? For easy and accurate setup of the perfect suspension, the damper markings are printed directly on the suspension fork stanchions and the damper housing. So you can return the plastic clip and ruler to your mother.


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Laufradgröße (Zoll): 29, 27,5+Gabelschaftdurchmesser (Zoll): 1 1/8Typ Achse: SteckachseDurchmesser Achse (mm): 20Einbaubreite Achse: 110 mmFederweg (mm): 200 mm
Typ: Öl / Luft
Bremsentyp: Disc (Post Mount)
Standrohr: Aluminium, Ø 35 mm, Fast BlackTauchrohr: MagnesiumGabelschaft: Aluminium
2650 g


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