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Race Evo Fahrradhose Kurz Damen black/anthracite

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    • black/anthracite

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X-Bionic Race Evo Fahrradhose Kurz Damen black/anthracite

The lightest X-Bionic biking clothing in the world. Thanks to the lightweight strategy, the Biking Race EVO products weigh up to 36 % less than their predecessors. Perfect for long training sessions or endurance competitions. Hobby cyclists as well as endurance specialists experience perfect cooling in this extremely lightweight and technical clothing. The best line for those who prefer the lightweight strategy, but do not want to miss out on functionality. Less weight for more efficiency and performance. The Race EVO wear impresses with special yarn and the maximized cooling area without reducing the performance of the technologies. The Biking Race EVO pants excel thanks to the combination of the Partialkompression and the optimal temperature management due to the 3D Bionic Sphere System. The flexible form-fit guarantees excellent freedom of movement without constricting.

3D-Bionic Sphere System
Leaves residual moisture on the skin that the body does not interpret as dampness. We have no sensors for sweat. We can only perceive sweat mechanically once drops form and begin to trickle down. Only at that point do we register “wet”. Sweat Traps absorb this moisture before it is felt, drawing it away to be evaporated and disposing of it through thermal dynamics. Only a thin film of moisture remains on the skin. Cooling is of course not possible without moisture.

Since the back of the knees start to sweat quickly and also sweat profusely, X-Bionic has integrated a fine, open mesh knit there. With the help of body warmth, excess sweat is pushed outward where it can evaporate without risk of chills.

Enables targeted insulation of individual body parts from a cold environment to protect the body from freezing in winter. This is how the optimized ISO-Pads located over the hip bones, as well as the finer ISO-Pads on the buttocks, retain more body heat, which is necessary to guarantee internal organ function.

X-Bionic Partial Kompression
Partial Kompression by X-Bionic utilises the advantages of compression without neglecting to cool. During sports activities, body warmth is created. In extreme situations up to 1,200 watts worth. Up to 90 % of this is released by the athlete from the skin to maintain a body temperate of 37 °C. X-Bionic Partial Kompression applies targeted pressure on 1 mm wide ridges. Left and right of the ridge is a compression-free area where compression could have a negative effect on blood circulation to the skin. In this way, the blood flow through veins and capillaries remain unimpeded. Partial Kompression uses the skin as a surface for cooling and, thus, can take advantage of the body’s personal micro-climate for optimising performance.

Skin Nodor
Skin Nodor is a climate-activated nano-filament which incorporates an inorganic, bacteriostatic ingredient in its interior. The gradual release of ions, which are activated by body heat, is the key to the effectiveness of Skin Nodor. These ions inhibit the growth of microorganisms rather than eliminating them outright, thus preserving the delicate balance of the skin‘s ecosystem. In other words, Skin Nodor is bacteriostatic (i.e. it inhibits bacterial growth), rather than bactericidal (bacteria-killing). Therefore, allergic reactions do not occur. Skin Nodor is especially soft and breathable and provides superior fit.

A lightweight, pH neutral, hypoallergenic fibre. Reduces the accumulation of germs and bacteria.


MTB Einsteiger/Tour, Marathon/Cross Country, All Mountain/Enduro, Rennrad , Cyclocross, Gravel
kurze Hose
Normal (regular)
mit Innenhose: neinSitzpolster: ja
87 % Polyamid, 7 % Polypropylen, 6 % Elasthan; Pad: 86 % Polyamid, 14 % Elasthan
Größe fällt kleiner aus
enganliegend geschnitten


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X-Bionic Race Evo Fahrradhose Kurz Damen black/anthracite black/anthracite
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Nach all den verschiedenen Bikeshorts, die ich bisher ausprobiert hatte, war dies die einzige, die mir für die Dauer der Radtour absoluten Komfort bot. Getestet auf einer 70-km-Runde mit gemischtem Gelände (Asphalt / Dreck) habe ich nicht die geringste Belästigung gespürt, auch wenn ich schwitze, die Hose bleibt trocken und der Körper bleibt gut gegen Kälte isoliert.

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